So You're Having Twins

My twins were born in 2008, which is when I started to blog about the experience. Since then, I've had lots of people ask for advice, and a lot of Internet searches hit the blog looking for that kind of help, but you'd have to dig through a lot of content to find it. This page is an attempt to consolidate the important stuff. If you think something's missing, feel free to mail me.

Much of this is based on a motto of mine: "Hope for the best - prepare for the worst." I don't mean to scare, just to prod you into being ready sooner than later. Some of it might be old news to those who are already parents; I assume you're not.

What to know.

What to do.

What to buy (or register for, or get handed down).

This is "twin stuff" or "stuff you might not hear about elsewhere," in addition to the standard cribs, changing table, baby monitor, etc.