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SLGC Library - Concert - UnSung Heroes (Jun 2005)

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Director Accompanist Guests Notes
Richard Lind Bill Moore Carl Corcoran, flute

Song Composer(s) Arranger(s) Soloist(s) Notes
How Can I Keep From Singing Chris Vincent first verse only
Requiem - Rutter John Rutter Molly Lawless, Shawna Wells, Leah Rosen, Lissa Mack Carl Corcoran, flute
These Are A Few Of The Gays That I know Mary E. Banghart spoken: TJ Elston, Cassie Powers
Before Stonewall Tom Wilson Weinberg
My How You've Grown David Maddux
Life Uncommon Jewel Kilcher Stephanie Smith
Some of My Best Friends Are Straight Jane Field, Yan Chuen Lee John Schrag
Stand By Me Stand Bi Me w/ Quentin FranJohnson, Myla Becker, Ruth Beatz
How Can I Keep From Singing Chris Vincent full
We Are Everywhere (original) David Maddux