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SLGC Library - Concert - Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing (Feb 1992)

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Director Accompanist Guests Notes
Dale McCurdy

Song Composer(s) Arranger(s) Soloist(s) Notes
Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing Eugene Butler
Requiem - Faure' Gabriel Faure
Fire, Fire My Heart! Thomas Morley
Flames Daniel Dorff
Fever John Davenport, Eddie Coolie Kirby Shaw, David Maddux saxophonists
Too Darn Hot Cole Porter Mac Huff
Great Balls of Fire Otis Blackwell, Jack Hammer Mac Huff
Save the Bones for Henry Jones Danny Barker, Vernon Lee, Henry Jones Kirby Shaw
Banquet Fugue John Rutter
No Chicken Today The Deadly Nightshade (name removed by request) w/ choreography
Lollipop Guild, The Yarburg, Arlen David Maddux
Lollipop Beverly Ross, Julins Dixon Roger Emerson
On the Good Ship Lollipop Sidney Clare, Richard Whiting, Jay Cubbage David Maddux Shirley Temple performer