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SLGC Library - Concert - A Fairie Home Companion (Jun 2003)

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Director Accompanist Guests Notes
John Kelleher Richard Lind Lisa Koch PROGRAM INCOMPLETE!

Song Composer(s) Arranger(s) Soloist(s) Notes
Dirait-On Morten Lauridsen
Grandma's Feather Bed Jim Connor Mac Huff
I Am Cow Arrogant Worms, The John Kelleher Julie Rampke Molly Lawless, protest cow
I Love A Piano (2) Irving Berlin Mac Huff
Music In My Mother's House Stuart Stotts J. David Moore
One Small Voice Jeff Moss Roger Emerson
Washington Chopsticks John Kelleher
William Tell Overture Rossini, Kelleher kazoos
Auctioneer, The Leroy Van Dyke, Buddy Black Kirby Shaw
Daughters of Feminists Nancy White Paco Ojeda-Ganzalez