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SLGC Library - Concert - Spirit (Feb 2002)

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Director Accompanist Guests Notes
John Kelleher Om Bili

Song Composer(s) Arranger(s) Soloist(s) Notes
EE-WAA, EE-WAA Patty Ford Simms
Spirit Voices Paul Simon Paul Kovacovic
Wondrous cool, thou woodland quiet Johannes Brahms, Paul Heyse Di Daugherty-King narrative
This We Know Ron Jeffers
For the Beauty of the Earth John Rutter, F.S. Pierpoint
Breathe Holly Lamar, Stephaine Bentley Mark Brymer
Walking In The Air Howard Blake Audrey Snyder Harmonic Diversions
Life Uncommon Jewel Kilcher Stephanie Smith Harmonic Diversions
Keep Your Lamps Andre Thomas
To Be Sung On The Water Louise Bogan, Samuel Barber
Healing River Traditional Lee Dengler Paul Hensley, Kris Mainz, Johanna Gusner
Turn The World Around H. Belafonte, R. Freeman Robert DeCormier
On Children K. Gibran, Ysaye Barnwell Harmonic Diversions
Duel, The (2-part) Thomas Jordan, Eugene Field Harmonic Diversions
Once Upon A December Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty Carl Strommen
When I Grow Up, I Wanna Be John Kelleher
One Voice Don Cook, David Malloy Roger Emerson Georgia Goldberg, Jiro Kusunose, Amanda E. Clifford, Travis Wellborn
Twelfth Street Rag Andy Razaf, Euday L. Bowman Linda Spevacek-Avery
Prayer of the Children Kurt Bestor Andrea S.Klouse
We Are Everywhere (original) David Maddux