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SLGC Library - Concert - Memories & Visions (Jan 1997)

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Director Accompanist Guests Notes
Raydell Bradley

Song Composer(s) Arranger(s) Soloist(s) Notes
Welcome Here Robert de Cormier
Water is Wide, The
Neighbors Chorus Jacques Offenbach
Frostiana Randall Thompson, Robert Frost
Stories David Maddux Joy Wood, Ken Everett, Nancy Haver, Gene Breshears, Kathy Green, Gary Hatle
Let The River Run Carly Simon D. Maddux
Everything Possible (1) Fred Small John-Michael Albert
This Island Earth Nylons David Maddux
Soaring Hearts, Singing Hands David Maddux Rob Cochran
Human Heart, The Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty David Maddux
Make Our Garden Grow (Jalni Pubs OCTB6222) Richard Wilbur, Leonard Bernstein Robert Page Julie Rampke, Julie Anderson
We Are Everywhere (original) David Maddux