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Update June 2011 - library has been donated to another GALA chorus

Song List

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Title Performance Month Director Accompanist Guests
Rise Up and Sing! May 2007 Scott Farrell Jeff Pettijohn band
Singing the Divine Jan 2007 Scott Farrell Tom Prince Gina Sala, Theo Flood
Summer in the City Jun 2006 Scott Farrell John Bisceglia DISH, band
Family Happens Feb 2006 Scott Farrell John Bisceglia  
UnSung Heroes Jun 2005 Richard Lind Bill Moore Carl Corcoran, flute
Faraway Places Jan 2005 Richard Lind Bill Moore Sunnie, Franklyn, clog girls, Janna narrator
My Big Fat Gay Wedding Jun 2004 James Hing Richard Lind Sunnie, Franklyn
Uphill Both Ways Jan 2004 James Hing Richard Lind Diverse Harmony (Feb 7)
A Fairie Home Companion Jun 2003 John Kelleher Richard Lind Lisa Koch
When A Fairy Marries Jan 2003 John Kelleher    
A Night at the Movies Oct 2002 John Kelleher    
Western GALA Regional May 2002 John Kelleher    
Spirit Feb 2002 John Kelleher   Om Bili
High Camp On The High C'S Jun 2001 John Kelleher    
Winter's on the Wing Feb 2001 John Kelleher    
10! Jun 2000 John Kelleher    
An American Quilt Feb 2000 John Kelleher    
You Gotta Have Friends Jun 1999 John Kelleher Chris Vincent  
Is Nothing Sacred!? Feb 1999 John Kelleher Chris Vincent Kathy Green, ass. Conductor
Journeys: A Change Of Heart May 1998 John Kelleher Chris Vincent Something Else! Sandy Bradley, Narrator
Romance and All That Jazz Feb 1998 John Kelleher    
Love Makes a Family May 1997 Raydell Bradley    
Memories & Visions Jan 1997 Raydell Bradley    
Power, Passion and Pride Jun 1996 David Maddux    
Tales, Rhymes & Parables Feb 1996 David Maddux    
An Evening in Gay Paree Jun 1995 David Maddux   The Derivative Duo
EarthSong Jan 1995 David Maddux    
Boys and Girls With Stories Apr 1994 Dale McCurdy    
Out of the Shadows Jan 1994 Dale McCurdy    
Freedom Jun 1993 Dale McCurdy    
Boys and Girls With Stories Feb 1993 Dale McCurdy    
Fascinating Rhythms Jun 1992 Dale McCurdy    
Everyone Suddenly Burst Out Singing Feb 1992 Dale McCurdy    
Songs of All Of Us Jun 1991 Dale McCurdy    
Premiere Concert Jan 1991 Dale McCurdy    
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