"Live" version
3+ girls --- Betcha they're not harmonizing, either.
80s chick rock --- Excludes Madonna. That's not rock.
>===- --- Someone pays to play darts
A little too hard core --- Someone brings in their own discs
A lot too hard core --- Someone brings in their own custom discs
Am I in key? --- Song that starts a capella
Anti-love song --- "One More Minute," "Everything About You," etc.
Are they? --- Two girls dancing ... closely.
Band camp --- Someone plays an instrument
Band campy --- Someone plays an air instrument
Billy Joel
Bitch --- The word in a song
Breakup song --- It's hard to do.
Bueller? --- KJ calls up someone who's left for the night
Butt Rock --- Didn't we burn all those albums yet?
Celine Dion
Dead air --- Start of a song delayed while singer on stage
Dedication --- "I'd like to dedicate this song to my gerbil, Digger."
Deliberate change of lyrics --- Clever, or illiterate?
Do I have to? --- Obviously reluctant duet participant
Drink in hand --- While singing
Drunk --- Too drunk to sing
Duets --- Written as one, that is
Female Empowerment Song
Frank Sinatra
Fresh air --- KJ calls up someone who's outside talking/smoking
Gay anthems --- Not that the singer knows it is ...
Gender switch F2M --- Woman sings song made popular by a man
Gender switch M2F --- Man sings song made popular by a woman
HUH? --- The overall sound is consistenly too loud
Huh? --- Guy in cowboy hat sings something other than country
Imposter --- Someone sings a song for which you've already entered a slip
Johnny Cash
Joke Singer --- "Look at me, I'm employing defense mechanisms!"
Just the Chorus, please --- Singer doesn't know how the verses go
KJ Cliche --- "Put your hands together for ..."
Katy Perry
Love song
Make it stop! --- Someone butchers a song you love
Mariah Carey
Mic Feedback
Movie theme song
New Country, Female --- Rimes, Shania, Gretchen, etc.
New Country, Male --- Garth, Toby, etc.
No roofies this time, please --- Someone buys you a drink because of your singing
Notes. Use Them. --- Talking when they should be singing
Old Country, Female --- Patsy, June Carter, etc.
Old Country, Male --- Willie, Waylon, Strait, etc.
One-Hit Wonder
Our Traffic is Worse --- Song about a different city than yours
Pardon Me --- Someone asks to "borrow" your songbook
Peacocking --- Singer walks into the crowd
Puff --- Someone lights up a smoke right after they sing
Queen --- The band, not the lifestyle
See ya --- Someone leaves for the night right after they sing
Shouting! --- Please turn down the mic!
Show Tunes --- From a play
Shy --- Too embarrassed to sing
Simon and Garfunkel you're not --- Failed attempts to harmonize
Sing yap sing --- Song has a spoken part between singing
Sing-along --- More than half the place sings a part.
Slow Ballad Ruins Mood --- The place is on fire! ... then sprinklers.
Song mentions specific body part
Songs about dances --- Macarena, The Twist, etc.
Taylor Swift
The pain! --- Song is obviously out of singer's range
Uh, thanks? --- Someone way too drunk compliments your singing
Um, hello? --- KJ goes outside during a song
Unsolicited back-up dancers --- On the stage.
VIRGIN --- Someone sings karaoke for the first time
WHAT? --- Someone tries to talk on their cell from their table
We are experiencing ... --- Technical difficulties
We're waitin' here! --- Song over 7 minutes
What the hell? --- Song nobody at your table has heard of
When you gotta go ... --- KJ calls up someone who's in the restroom
Where's my drink? --- Bartender or waitperson sings
White Guy Does Rap/Hip-Hop --- You are not that cool.
Whitney Houston
Whoa! --- Someone has a much better voice than your tablemates were expecting
Woo! --- Three or more people at a table "woo!"
Yap sing sing --- Song has a spoken introduction
Yes! Yes! --- Song alludes to orgasm
fuck --- The word in a song
sing sing wait --- Song has a long instrumental ending
sing wait sing --- Song has a long instrumental break
wait sing sing --- Song has a long instrumental intro