Karaoke Bingo

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Karaoke Bingo is an idea borne of many years, songs, venues, people, cliches, and please-God-make-it-stop moments of musical terror. It's also a response to the fact that there's often time to kill when it's not you on stage.

The game itself is simple. Print out some random cards, and pass them among your friends. You might consider playing multiple cards per person. Then play bingo. There are very few rules, with the idea that they should bend to your friends and your karaoke bar. This requires what I call "table consensus," because let's face it: if your friends are overly competitive about karaoke bingo, then you probably need some new friends. The basic rules are printed on each card.

Some of the squares may seem malicious or mean, but that's not my intent. While lots of people sing off key, at least they're up there. We have our own table rule about this - no making fun of others' singing if you haven't done it yourself.


- James