Munger/Mack Wedding

Munger/Mack Wedding - The Wedding Party

Bride - Elisabeth Chaffin Mack
Hails from Minnesota, with a long stop at Grinnell to earn a degree she doesn't use. She currently teaches 4th and 5th grade at Van Asselt Elementary. Despite being a flaming liberal, she'll be taking James's name.

Groom - James Edward Munger
Born in Lake Charles, LA, raised in Houston. Got out of Texas as soon as he could, which was after six years in Aggieland, where he got a degree he doesn't use. He's worked at DaVinci Gourmet since 2002, and yes, he can get you free stuff.

Officiant - Troy David Brenner
Troy is one of James's two "don't make me choose" best friends. They met at Texas A&M almost 15 years ago, and have been making trouble since. Troy was one of the major reasons James chose Seattle during The Great Job Search of 2000. He finally earned a degree from Evergreen State College in June 2006, which he naively thinks he'll use.

Troy is legally ordained through the Universal Life Church. This will be his fifth officiation.

Man of Honor - Douglas Elliot Mack
Douglas is Lissa's baby brother. This definition has not changed as he enters his mid-20s, so it's likely that it never will. Douglas currently lives in Minnesota, though no longer in the nest.

Best Woman - Laura Lynn Land
Laura is James's other best friend, also from their college days. They've been accused of being a couple many, many times, which helps to hide the fact that they're each others' wingmen.

Bridesmaid - Kim Dai Vu
Dai is Lissa's best friend from the 'hood in South Minneapolis. Although it's been years since their early-morning gym pact, Lissa has continued to be a bad influence on Dai since they were in ninth grade.

Groomsman - John Edwin Pecsenye (Pronounce it right and win a cookie!)
John was James's best friend for years, before their paths diverged after high school. John still has thousands of baseball cards that they swear they'll go through and split up someday - right after John beats James at basketball again.

Laura is especially pleased that John is taller than she is.

Bridesmaid - Susan Rogen-Maclay
Susan is the finest elementary teacher in Colorado, and also Lissa's favorite co-conspirator from the Grinnell education department. Lissa and Susan plan to start a school together someday, if they can ever agree on a location.

Groomsman - Brian Michael Wicks
Brian and James are proof that even step-brothers can get along fine - as long as they don't have to share a room anymore. Or a remote.

Ceremony Musician - Paul Fowler
Paul teaches music at Lissa's elementary school. It turns out that he also hosts an extracurricular Cello Club, which James may join in the Fall.

Reception Musician - Mike Francis
Mikee is the KJ (karaoke-jockey) at the karaoke place that Lissa and James and friends frequent. He is under strict orders to not play the "Electric Slide."

Photographer - Kris Gilbreath
Kris is a local freelance photographer. After the wedding, you will be able to buy prints on demand through his website, or by contacting him. Examples of his work can be seen here.