Karaoke Bingo Card
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The word in a song
We are experiencing ...
Technical difficulties
Old Country, Female
Patsy, June Carter, etc.
Are they?
Two girls dancing ... closely.
"I'd like to dedicate this song to my gerbil, Digger."
Singer walks into the crowd
What the hell?
Song nobody at your table has heard of
Old Country, Male
Willie, Waylon, Strait, etc.
The word in a song
Show Tunes
From a play
White Guy Does Rap/Hip-Hop
You are not that cool.
New Country, Female
Rimes, Shania, Gretchen, etc.
Free Square 3+ girls
Betcha they're not harmonizing, either.
Pardon Me
Someone asks to "borrow" your songbook
Frank Sinatra
Love song
Songs about dances
Macarena, The Twist, etc.
Um, hello?
KJ goes outside during a song
Mariah Carey
Band campy
Someone plays an air instrument
Gender switch M2F
Man sings song made popular by a woman
Written as one, that is
Song mentions specific body part
See ya
Someone leaves for the night right after they sing
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Standard Rules:

  1. Rules may change at any time by table consensus
  2. No credit for something you did
  3. If action qualifies for two squares, only strike one
  4. Questionable marks are resolved by table consensus