Karaoke Bingo Card
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Someone sings a song for which you've already entered a slip
"Live" version
Old Country, Female
Patsy, June Carter, etc.
More than half the place sings a part.
The word in a song
Frank Sinatra
Make it stop!
Someone butchers a song you love
White Guy Does Rap/Hip-Hop
You are not that cool.
Celine Dion
Katy Perry
Butt Rock
Didn't we burn all those albums yet?
Joke Singer
"Look at me, I'm employing defense mechanisms!"
Free Square Fresh air
KJ calls up someone who's outside talking/smoking
Songs about dances
Macarena, The Twist, etc.
sing sing wait
Song has a long instrumental ending
Whitney Houston
Do I have to?
Obviously reluctant duet participant
Show Tunes
From a play
Someone pays to play darts
New Country, Male
Garth, Toby, etc.
Dead air
Start of a song delayed while singer on stage
Notes. Use Them.
Talking when they should be singing
Unsolicited back-up dancers
On the stage.
Breakup song
It's hard to do.
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Standard Rules:

  1. Rules may change at any time by table consensus
  2. No credit for something you did
  3. If action qualifies for two squares, only strike one
  4. Questionable marks are resolved by table consensus