Karaoke Bingo Card
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Our Traffic is Worse
Song about a different city than yours
Please turn down the mic!
The overall sound is consistenly too loud
When you gotta go ...
KJ calls up someone who's in the restroom
KJ Cliche
"Put your hands together for ..."
Joke Singer
"Look at me, I'm employing defense mechanisms!"
Notes. Use Them.
Talking when they should be singing
Old Country, Male
Willie, Waylon, Strait, etc.
Dead air
Start of a song delayed while singer on stage
New Country, Female
Rimes, Shania, Gretchen, etc.
Fresh air
KJ calls up someone who's outside talking/smoking
Pardon Me
Someone asks to "borrow" your songbook
Free Square Mariah Carey
New Country, Male
Garth, Toby, etc.
Yap sing sing
Song has a spoken introduction
Where's my drink?
Bartender or waitperson sings
Gender switch F2M
Woman sings song made popular by a man
Yes! Yes!
Song alludes to orgasm
Deliberate change of lyrics
Clever, or illiterate?
Slow Ballad Ruins Mood
The place is on fire! ... then sprinklers.
Mic Feedback
Someone tries to talk on their cell from their table
Someone has a much better voice than your tablemates were expecting
What the hell?
Song nobody at your table has heard of
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Standard Rules:

  1. Rules may change at any time by table consensus
  2. No credit for something you did
  3. If action qualifies for two squares, only strike one
  4. Questionable marks are resolved by table consensus