Karaoke Bingo Card
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We are experiencing ...
Technical difficulties
Someone tries to talk on their cell from their table
Someone has a much better voice than your tablemates were expecting
Someone sings karaoke for the first time
Old Country, Female
Patsy, June Carter, etc.
No roofies this time, please
Someone buys you a drink because of your singing
KJ Cliche
"Let's hear it for ..."
The word in a song
Notes. Use Them.
Talking when they should be singing
Gay anthems
Not that the singer knows it is ...
See ya
Someone leaves for the night right after they sing
"I'd like to dedicate this song to my gerbil, Digger."
Free Square Yes! Yes!
Song alludes to orgasm
Song mentions specific body part
Butt Rock
Didn't we burn all those albums yet?
Dead air
Start of a song delayed while singer on stage
Yap sing sing
Song has a spoken introduction
Movie theme song
Band camp
Someone plays an instrument
Um, hello?
KJ goes outside during a song
Joke Singer
"Look at me, I'm employing defense mechanisms!"
Breakup song
It's hard to do.
The pain!
Song is obviously out of singer's range
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Standard Rules:

  1. Rules may change at any time by table consensus
  2. No credit for something you did
  3. If action qualifies for two squares, only strike one
  4. Questionable marks are resolved by table consensus